Wearing nature

Sustainably handmade jewelry


Sustainability, handcraft and beautiful designs are some of the key words behind PureLeaf. We are an innovative and unique jewelry brand, that combines fashion and fascination for nature with environmental and social responsibility.

The intitiative behind the manufacturing of the jewelry started in Brazil in 2008. From the very beginning the values and ethics behind have been based on principles equal to those of the Fairtrade mark with a focus on good and safe work conditions, fair salaries, transparent prices and minimizing the impact on the environment.

The natural ressources, used for the jewelry, are mainly from the mid western part of Brazil, where beautiful savanna landscapes meet unique, tropical wetlands and lush rainforrests. Parts of the nature materials are also collected along the beatiful Brazilian coastline, and many of the plants, where leaves and other materials originate from, are species unique to the diverse Brazilian ecosystems.


Our production is certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources), and it is an indispensable/essential value of ours to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly production and to contribute possitively, not only in terms of creating awareness of the importance in protecting the nature, but also by supporting local societies. Therefore we involve and hire local families, and we contribute possitively to a sustainable use of the nature, creating awareness of the importance of protecting the nature.

Every step of the production is made by hand. Leaves and seeds are, carefully and with respect for their natural beauty, processed by hand with 18 karat gold. The result is delicate and elegant without being fragile.

The process of each earring, necklace or bracelet starts at the collection of the organic material somewhere at the Brazilian cerrado, along the coastal area, in the Amazon or the Atlantic rainforest, whereafter the material is dessicated and, if necessary, sceletonized, and the gold is added. Every single step of the process is taken with respect for the unique characteristics of each leaf or seed.