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Sustainable handmade jewelry for women

Unique and
sustainable jewellery

PureLeaf is a celebration of nature, detail, and not least, individuality and personal expression. Explore sparkling handmade jewellery.





From leaf to jewelry

Meet our happy customers

Our philosophy

Ethical fashion for us is about passion. We are passionate about giving our users a product produced with the heart in the right place - with respect for nature, the environment, and not least the people involved in the production. Each piece of jewelry contains a real leaf or seed and is handmade precisely to preserve the beauty and lightness of the leaf - as well as to ensure the necessary strength and robustness. We involve the community in the production and ensure them a steady income and proper working conditions. In the desire to give something back to nature, we will plant a tree in Brazil every time someone signs up for our newsletter.

We are

With handmade crafts, PureLeaf is a unique brand with unique jewelry. We are combining fashion and a fascination for nature with social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

Our values

We believe in transparency and sustainability throughout our organisation - in our production procedure, product material, and business behaviour.

We support

Local craftsmen and workforce, the Brazilian rainforest, and in general sustainable lifestyles. Our jewelry manufacturer is certified by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).

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