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Behind PureLeaf

Nature’s diverse and detailed beauty is our primary focal point. With a sharp focus on sustainability, PureLeaf presents an aesthetic interaction between innovative jewelry design, nature’s unique expression and social responsibility and environmentally conscious production.

Our jewelry is made in Brazil and is based on organic material coated with 18 carat gold, black gold or white gold. The material used originates mainly from the mid-western regions of the country, where beautiful savannah landscape meets tropical swamp areas and lush rainforest. Here the fallen leaves and branches are collected, which act as the core of the jewelry.

To help offset income distribution, local families are hired to participate in the manufacturing process by helping to collect, dry and skeleton the organic material used in the jewelry production.

The entire production is certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).

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Our production

Our jewelry should be considered as little pieces of art. The production begins with the collection of the organic material. Then, this is dried out and, if necessary, skeletonized before being treated to obtain the necessary stiffness. Finally, the leaf is ready to be coated with 18 carat gold, white gold or black gold. The coating is carefully brushed on as this procedure ensures that no details are lost. The entire manufacturing process takes place by hand, which makes it possible to produce a piece of jewelry that in every imaginable way retains the unique properties of the leaf.

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What makes us different?

PureLeaf is a tribute to detail, not to mention individuality and personal expression. Like fingerprints, all leaves are unique and their unique character is preserved down to the smallest detail in the making of our jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is handmade, making it possible for the beauty and lightness of the leaves to be kept, without making them fragile.

This way, we make it possible to wear a piece of jewelry that is completely unique and no one else has duplicate of. Our focus on the local community during production also ensures a stable income for local families as well as orderly working conditions.

Why choose us?

PureLeaf combines aesthetic design with an ethical and sustainable approach to fashion. For us, ethical fashion is about passion. We are passionate about providing our users with a product created from the heart – with respect for nature, the environment and of course the people involved in the production.

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