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Frequently asked questions


How long is the delivery time from when I place my order?

We aim to dispatch orders before 12:00 on the same day. Then it takes 1-3 business days.

My package has not arrived?

If your package has not arrived within 3 business days, you can track your shipment using the Track & Trace number you received when ordering. If there are still problems, please contact customer service at or mobile 60131336

What happens if I forget to pick up my package?

If you forget to pick up your package, it will be automatically returned to us. When we receive your package, we will contact you.

I received the wrong jewelry / missing a piece of jewelry in my package?

If this should occur, please contact customer service at or mobile 60131336.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your purchase, you must contact us as soon as possible. If the order has already been dispatched, unfortunately it is not possible to cancel the order.

How do I receive my PureLeaf gift card?

Is it sent physically or by email?

Does PureLeaf deliver outside of Denmark?

We are happy to deliver PureLeaf jewelry outside of Denmark. PureLeaf uses GLS or PostNord (unless otherwise specified) for international shipments. Delivery within Europe can take 3-5 days. GLS delivers during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. Delivery in the USA can vary from order to order.

Delivery in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom: 49 kr.

Delivery in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary: 79 kr.

Delivery in Cyprus, Philippines, Cyprus, Greece, Monaco, Romania, USA (United States of America): 139 kr.

Shipping costs to your country are shown at checkout. You can always track your shipment using the Track & Trace number you receive when ordering.


I have changed my mind about my purchase at PureLeaf. How do I return it?

You return your item by sending it in its original packaging and condition with receipt and completed return slip. You have to pay for the return shipping yourself, and you are liable if there is damage during transport.

You can use our return label, which you can find in the shop, fill it out, print it, and put it on your return package. Our return label costs 39 DKK (for customers in Europe and US, the return label costs the same as shipping – see above). You cannot cancel the purchase by refusing to receive the item without notifying us at the same time.

Goods with an attached return label are sent to:

Ny Carlsberg Vej 146, 1. tv.
1799 København V

I want to return after the 14-day right of withdrawal?

After 14 days, we do not offer refunds. Instead, we can offer a credit note for our webshop. If you wish, please contact our customer service at or mobile 60131336.

Can I exchange my jewelry for another one?

We recommend that you return your jewelry to us and then make a new purchase on our webshop. When we receive your package, we will refund the amount to the card used for purchase or issue a credit note.


What do I do if my jewelry is broken?

PureLeaf provides a two-year warranty in accordance with the purchase law. This covers manufacturing and material defects found during normal use of the item. The warranty does not cover defects, damages, or wear and tear, directly or indirectly arising as a result of incorrect use or incorrect maintenance.

How is my complaint handled?

Each complaint is assessed individually. We do not accept complaints where the piece of jewelry has clearly suffered damage.


If you choose to pay in three installments, when do you pay the first installment?

The first installment is charged to your card when the merchant dispatches your item/purchase, and the following two installments are automatically charged to your account 30 and 60 days thereafter. You will receive an electronic notification with the exact dates, and both dates and payment will be visible in the Klarna app.

How many days are between the payments of the three installments?

The first installment is paid when the merchant packs and dispatches your item/purchase, the second installment is paid 30 days later, and the third and final installment is paid 60 days later.


What size do I wear in rings?

The ring size corresponds to the circumference of your finger in mm. If you do not know your ring size, you can try wrapping a string around your finger and then measuring the length of the string. That way you will find your ring size.

Please note that you can advantageously go one size up on our wide rings compared to what you usually wear.

Can I try on the PureLeaf jewelry?

You can try our jewelry at our retailers. You can find your nearest retailer here:

Always remember to call the store in advance to ensure that they have the desired style in stock.

What do the different sizes of the jewelry mean?

For some of our styles, you can choose between the sizes small, medium, and large. These sizes indicate the size of the leaf. Since our jewelry contains a real leaf from nature, all PureLeaf jewelry is unique. Therefore, PureLeaf's jewelry does not have a fixed size. When you choose between small, medium, and large, they give us an indication of how big or small you want your jewelry to be.

The circumference of the rings will of course correspond to the standardized measurements.

How do I keep my PureLeaf jewelry looking nice?

The durability of the gold coating depends on wear and environment, but also other factors such as the amount of salt in your skin. Therefore, we recommend that you follow our guidelines for how to care for and maintain the jewelry, so that you can enjoy your jewelry for a longer time.

After using cream, perfume and deodorant, you should wait about 10 minutes. before putting your jewelry back on.

As far as possible, avoid rubbing the jewelery against rough surfaces, both when you use it and when you store it.

As far as possible, avoid rubbing the jewelery against rough surfaces, both when you use it and when you store it. Take off your jewelery before washing your hands, bathing and generally dealing with water. However, the jewelery can withstand being washed, to a limited extent.

Do not wear the jewelry when playing sports or doing other physical activities.

To avoid sun damage and discoloration of the gold, the jewelery should be stored in the dark.

How do I clean a PureLeaf jewelry?

If your jewelry needs polishing or cleaning, only use a mild soap and water. Avoid using chemical cleaning products, as these are often very harsh on the jewelry.

Can I replace the clasp on earrings?

With all of PureLeaf's earrings with an ear hook, you have the option of replacing the clasp with either an ear stud or an ear clip.

What size should I choose for the MADEIRA bracelet?

For the MADEIRA bracelet, you can choose between small, medium, or large. These sizes indicate the size of the leaf, which determines the circumference of the bracelet. Since all the leaves have different sizes, there are no fixed measurements for the three size categories, but rather an indication of an approximate size. However, it should be noted that the bracelet can be slightly compressed or opened a little to fit the wrist.

Are all your styles available in gold, white gold, and black gold?

As gold is the clear favorite of our customers, we offer the most styles in gold. Only some styles are also available in white gold and black gold.

What do I get from buying a jewelry set?

When you buy a jewelry set, you get a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings that complement each other and therefore match perfectly. When you buy a jewelry set, you save 25% off the total value.

Which chains can I choose for my pendant?

For all pendants, you can choose to purchase a chain in either gold, white gold, or vegan leather. In addition, you can choose between two chain lengths: 45 cm and 55 cm.

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is an imitation of leather and therefore does not use animal skin. However, there is not much difference in appearance and quality between real leather and vegan leather. By choosing vegan leather, we stand for a more responsible production.


What are sustainable jewelry?

The entire PureLeaf production and jewelry itself is sustainable.

PureLeaf makes handmade jewelry that is far less polluting than mass-produced jewelry. We only use recycled gold to coat our unique jewelry. In this way, our production process minimizes the negative environmental consequences that may otherwise occur during gold mining and smelting. Since we use recycled gold, we also avoid contributing to the unhealthy working environment in the mining industry.

What are PureLeaf's jewelry made of?

The jewelry is made from leaves, twigs, or seeds, which are dried and skeletonized by hand to achieve the necessary stiffness. The leaves are then treated with copper, which makes the material strong and durable. Finally, the leaves are coated with 18 karat recycled gold, white gold, and black gold.

What does it mean that your jewelry is IBAMA certified?

Our jewelry manufacturer is certified by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA). IBAMA encourages the use of fair and environmentally friendly techniques in companies' impact on nature. IBAMA encourages the use of fair and environmentally friendly techniques in companies' impact on nature. No threatened natural elements are used in the production of IBAMA-certified products.

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