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If you want to change the type of lock on this piece of jewelry, click on the desired type of lock. If you change your mind, just click the image again.

You should be aware that it costs 13 EUR extra to change the type of lock, as we have to change the standard type of lock of the jewelery to the chosen one.

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Not a single blade are the same and all our blades are different sizes. We have categorized them into sizes small, medium and large.

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    Gold Plated Pendant



    The pendant is made from a dried fruit from the Carrapicho plant.

    Carrapicho is found mostly along the costal areas of Brazil. The plant is famous for its qualities within nature medicine and is often used for tea.

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    – Sustainably handmade in Brazil

    – 18 karat gold plated – fine gold and bright noble metals

    – Slight variations in size and design will occur due to the handmade quality and natural origin of each jewelry

    – Approx. 2,4 x 1 cm

    – 100% nickel-free


    Our jewelry is handmade from organic materials, sustainably extracted from the Brazilian nature. Leaves and seeds are, carefully and with respect for their natural beauty, plated by hand with 18 karat gold, black gold or white gold. The result is delicate and elegant without being fragile.


    The process of each earring, necklace or bracelet starts at the collection of the organic material somewhere at the Brazilian cerrado, along the coastal area, in the Amazon or the Atlantic rainforest, whereafter the material is dessicated and, if necessary, sceletonized, and the gold is added. Every single step of the process is taken with respect for the unique characteristics of each leaf or seed.


    The jewelry is produced with the aim of a sustainable and environmentally friendly production and in respect for the artisans working passionately to create the beautiful and unique pieces.

    Care & Maintenance

    Size guide

    We recommend going up one size in width for the rings compared to what you usually use if you are in doubt between two sizes.

    We pack each piece of jewelry in hand and enclose a fine, skeletonized leaf as well as a card with information about PureLeaf's jewelry design.

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