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You should be aware that it costs 13 EUR extra to change the type of lock, as we have to change the standard type of lock of the jewelery to the chosen one.

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Not a single blade are the same and all our blades are different sizes. We have categorized them into sizes small, medium and large.

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    White gold-plated earring.



    For these earrings we have used a leaf from the cerrado. Handmade according to sustainable principles and plated with 18 carat white recycled gold. Jewelry is from our collection ‘Connections’. Did you know that … read more

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    The tree here (lat: Chamaecrista orbiculata) is endemic and is only found on the Brazilian savannah or “Cerrado” and therefore we do not have a name for the tree here in Scandinavia. It is a small strong tree that is popularly called Folha Moeda ‘leaf coin’ as the leaf very much resembles a large round coin. The tree has the most beautiful large yellow flowers and there is an old tradition associated with collecting both flowers and leaves, to dry them and use them for jewelry.


    • Handmade in Brazil according to sustainable principles.
    • Plated with 18 carat white gold – fine gold and rhodium.
    • The natural materials used and the handmade quality mean that each piece of jewelery is unique and will vary slightly in size and design.
    • No allergenic metals, such as nickel, are used.
    • Certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).
    • Collection: Connections.


    Our jewelry for women is handmade and made from organic material extracted from the Brazilian nature. Leaves and seeds are plated with 18 carat gold without the use of molds, thus retaining their beauty and lightness, but without becoming fragile.


    The finished jewelry has been through a lengthy process. First, the fallen leaves, seeds and twigs are collected, after which the material is dried under pressure and, if necessary, skeletonized. Subsequently, the blade, twig or burdock is processed to achieve the right balance between flexibility and the necessary hardness that makes the jewelry last to be used. Finally, brush the leaf, twig or burdock with a thick layer of recycled gold, black gold or white gold. Our manufacturing method is slow but thorough and gives each piece of jewelery its unique character, because we just want to emphasize that each leaf or seed used is completely unique – just like you.


    The jewelery is produced with care and based on the idea that sustainable production and environmental responsibility must be integrated into a company’s DNA and not be an addition that cleanses the conscience.


    It’s gold with a mission, because we want to do something different with ours handmade jewelry and trying to come up with an alternative to how to make jewelry production sustainable. Because it’s actually not that hard.

    Care & Maintenance

    Size guide

    We recommend going up one size in width for the rings compared to what you usually use if you are in doubt between two sizes.

    We pack each piece of jewelry in hand and enclose a fine, skeletonized leaf as well as a card with information about PureLeaf's jewelry design.

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