Our vision

For us, ethical fashion is about passion. We are passionate about giving our
users a product produced with the heart in the right place – with respect for nature, the environment and not least the people involved in the production. Each piece of jewelry contains a real leaf or seed and is handmade precisely to preserve the beauty and lightness of the leaf – as well as to ensure the necessary strength and robustness. We involve the community in the production and ensure them a steady income and proper working conditions. In the desire to give something back to nature, we will plant a tree in Brazil every time someone sign up for our newsletter

Ethical approach

PureLeaf is a celebration of nature, detail, and not least, individuality and personal expression. Nature’s diverse and detailed beauty is our primary emphasis. With a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility in production, PureLeaf presents an aesthetic interaction between innovative jewelry design and nature’s unique expression.

Our focus on local society around production secures local families a stable income as well as orderly work ethics. We live up to our social responsibility by hiring local families to be a part of the manufacturing process, which adds to a more equal distribution of the country’s employment. Furthermore, we use recycled gold and solar power for the manufacturing of the jewelry. The production is also certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources).


The production of the jewelry starts with the collections of the leaves and other elements from the Brazilian nature. These are dried out and skeletonized, if necessary, before they are treated to achieve the necessary stiffness.

The organic material is then ready to be plated with 18 karat gold, white gold or black gold.  Our jewelry is handmade, which makes it possible to preserve the beauty and lightness of each leaf without it being fragile. Our collection includes earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings.

Our production agent is certified by The Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources Institute (IBAMA). IBAMA encourages fair and eco-friendly techniques of intervention in nature. Material certified by IBAMA holds a seal of approval from Brazil’s authority in sustainable forest management. No endangered elements of nature are used in the fabrication of IBAMA-certified products.


PureLeaf’s jewelry should be viewed as works of art. Our jewelry is produced in Brazil and is based on organic material plated with 18 karat gold, white gold or black rhodinized gold. The material originates from Brazil – mainly the mid-western regions of the country, where beautiful savanna meets tropical swampland and dense rainforest. Fallen leaves and other organic materials are gathered before being used as the core of the jewelry.



Sustainability should be a keyword in any production process. We believe that it is not only possible but also necessary to show that design and fashion can be sustainable and responsible, and at the same time modern and elegant.


PureLeaf makes handmade jewelry that is far less polluting than mass-produced jewelry.


We only use recycled gold to coat our unique jewelry. In this way, our production process minimizes the negative environmental consequences that may otherwise occur during gold mining and smelting. Since we use recycled gold, we also avoid contributing to the unhealthy working environment in the mining industry.


In addition, we believe that creating a handmade product improves the quality compared to factory-made jewelry

Give back to nature

Since we are environmentally conscious, we would like to thank nature for all these amazing sources our jewelry are made of. Therefore, we will plant a tree in Brazil for each order placed in our webshop. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, you will now plant a tree by doing so.

Planting trees would not be possible without OneTreePlanted, whose contributions have been and continue to be crucial in reforestation, conserving and protecting the endangered forests around the world

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Suitable for any occasion, season or holiday – Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or as a Christmas gift. Our unique designs include beautiful rings and popular earrings, which are made from real leaves plated with 18 karat gold, white gold or black gold. Step into our sustainable universe and buy jewelry for women online.